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What does a CBC session look like? 


In each CBC session, a team of 3 or 4 senior students will visit a grade 8 feeder school classroom to deliver a 75-90 minute discussion about substance use, internet safety and making healthy choices. Most of this information is conveyed through hands on activities that are engaging, interactive and interesting to both the facilitators and the students. The students are accompanied by the school liaison officer and student success teacher who sit in the back of the class as support for the peer leaders.


Transportation will be provided by The Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service, or the Peterborough Drug Strategy.


Student Benefits:

Grade Eight Students

  • Can connect with high school students who they will be attending with the following year


  • Have the opportunity to meet support staff and make an early connection (SST and school liaison officer)


  • Ease the transition to high school


  • Learn important information in a fun and enjoyable environment  


  • Make a positive connection to a Peterborough police officer








High School Peer Leaders



  • Increase their confidence in public speaking


  • Receive substance use education


  • Explore the opportunity to be a role model for younger students


  • Make connections with students who will be in their school the following year


  • Get involved in their community




Student Success Teacher Benefits:



As a student success teacher, the CBC program offers the opportunity to develop strong relationships with peer leaders and students alike. The program allows for a great deal of collaboration with other community agencies (e.g. Parent Action on Drugs, police services, health unit, etc.), as well as the opportunity to visit the feeder schools and connect with future grade 9 students. Specifically, this program is aimed to reduce the issues of substance abuse that can arise in high school, as well as easing the anxiety of students as they transition from grade 8 to grade 9.


Student Success Teacher Role:





  • Choose 12-14 grade 11 and 12 students


  • Attend 2 days of training- training provided by the Peterborough Drug Strategy


  • Set up student teams for school visits


  • Contact grade 8 teachers and set up classroom visits


  • Distribute schedule to Peer Leaders and remind them of presentation dates


  • Ensure high school classroom teachers are aware of the upcoming student absences


  • Assist peer helpers “lesson plan” for their sessions


  • Travel with them to the school and support them in the classroom



*The Peterborough Drug Strategy is available to assist Student Success Teachers should they need support. The Drug Strategy can also send a representative if the Student Success Teacher is unable to attend all CBC sessions at grade 8 schools




To visit the Parent Action on Drugs Information website please click here


If you would like more information on the CBC program, or would like to bring this program to your high school please contact:

Meagan La Plante


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