The Peterborough Drug Strategy is a collaboration amongst citizens, prevention, treatment, enforcement, and harm reduction agencies, to reduce the negative impacts of substance use.   

Why a Drug Strategy?



  • Substance use has been identified by the community of Peterborough as a key area of concern.  A comprehensive plan to reduce the negative effects of substance use is necessary to reduce fragmentation, limit duplication of services and ensure community activities are well informed.  
  • A comprehensive, well balanced approach requires that prevention, harm reduction, treatment and enforcement organizations and strategies work together with community members towards the goal of a safe, strong and healthy city and county.
  • Our city and county need a made-in Peterborough strategy to reduce the harms associated with substance use - on individuals, families and communities.
  • The comprehensive strategy will include recommendations for action and identify pathways to improve prevention, harm reduction, treatment and enforcement efforts in the community.
  • Our approach will be to build on existing expertise and personal experiences in Peterborough, while also incorporating best practice research and lessons learned from other cities in Canada and internationally.

The strategy will be population wide and will include both legal and illegal drugs (except tobacco).

What is the Plan?


Invite more people to the table.  A well informed strategy will only be possible when a broad group of interested and invested individuals come together to discuss the issues and explore possibilities for action.
Develop guiding principles to direct the development of a written strategy.
Develop and launch a media campaign to raise awareness, reduce stigma and engage the community.
Establish what is known about substance use in Peterborough and begin to explore ways to fill in the blanks.
Consult with individuals, municipal governments, service providers, youth, people affected by drug use and community groups to gather input about how substance use affects the city and county.
Draft a plan for action and gather feedback about the draft.
Publish the Peterborough Drug Strategy and gain endorsement from city and councils.
Move ahead with select recommendations for action.
Mobilize change.

Who are the Partners?


The success of this initiative depends on effective partnerships.  A broad range of community and institutional stakeholders will be involved throughout the project including the Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police, Four Counties Addiction Services Team, the Peterborough County-City Health Unit, the Peterborough AIDS Resource Network, community-based coalitions and service providers, advocacy groups, individuals who use drugs, youth, school boards, faith communities, residents, business associations and other levels of government.  City and County councils have both endorsed this initiative though involvement of senior level staff and council members, donation of meeting space and other resources.  (see Partnership -link to partnership page-)



For more information, contact:

Meagan La Plante

Strategy Coordinator

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